Lawn Care

All lawns are mowed using Mountifield and Atco Mowers to the highest standards. We use mowers with rear rollers to leave you with fabulous stripes. 


All lawn edge's are cut by hand to leave beautifully finished and looking clean and fresh.



Hedge Cutting

All hedge's are trimmed mainly by hand, machinery is sometimes used especially on bigger hedge's as in the picture above..








All borders are weeded and soil turned over to leave them looking beautiful, especially if you like the classic look. The picture above shows two borders one complete and the other to show what can be done with a little bit of elbow grease.

Welcome to Village Garden Maintenance

Here at Village Garden Maintenance we cater for all types of garden and for a range of proffesionals from Vicars to Soldiers at the local garrison. You will be surprised at what we can do with time and a little patience. 


We try to use classic gardening techniques on every garden and grounds that we do.


We also use modern machinery which uses less fuel which also helps to minimise our carbon footprint, we also have an LPG powered vehicle that lowers our carbon footprint further. We also try to compost most of our garden waste.

Trust the experts: our experience supplies you with a wealth of ideas and expertise. Landscaping, gardens, parks, urban green-areas or tree and plant maintenance: you're sure to be impressed by our range of services. Examine our expertly creative way of working: you'll be delighted!

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